Michael Kean, partner at Loren & Kean Law, interviewed regarding representation of Palm Coast Data in high profile Commercial Eviction Lawsuit.

Michael I. Kean
Mar 30, 2020

Palm Coast Data, one of the city’s largest employers, is currently embroiled in a high stakes high profile commercial eviction lawsuit in which they are being represented by Loren & Kean Law partner, Michael Kean. FlaglerLive.com recently wrote an article about the dispute.

Palm Coast Data was sold to Ireland-based Studio Media in April 2019. The current eviction lawsuit was filed by two subsidiaries of the company that formerly owned Palm Coast Data (Amrep Corp.). Palm Coast Data is now accusing its former owners of “fraud” and deceptive maneuvers last April, saying its balance sheet was not at all what its former owners claimed it had been at the time of the sale, and asserting that had the new owners “known the true state of facts surrounding Palm Coast [Data, they] would not have purchased Palm Coast [Data] and would not have entered into the subject lease.”(flaglerlive.com).

In response, Palm Coast Data asserted that it had received “insufficient and defective” notice that it would be sued, and that some of the charges it was being assessed were either inaccurate or not due, which would preclude further action on the eviction.

This is a legal battle with far-reaching consequences. Palm Coast Data employs 600 people, and a possible eviction could be catastrophic for the company. Speaking to the seeking of an immediate eviction judgment by the landlord, Michael Kean said, “I can tell you this lawsuit will have no impact whatsoever on the employees at the present time or in the foreseeable future.”

Last Sunday, Attorney Michael Kean filed a motion to prevent the final judgment absent a hearing. Since Circuit court in Flagler County and the rest of Florida were ordered to reduce dockets to “mission-critical” proceedings, it is not yet clear when Circuit Judge Terence Perkins will rule on either side’s motions.

“Litigation unfortunately for many companies is just a part of life, of doing business,” Kean said. In other words, there’s still a long way before an actual eviction judgment makes it to the company’s door – and other circumstances may yet intercede.

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Palm Coast Data, one of the city’s largest employers, is battling eviction through a bitter dispute with its former owners. (© FlaglerLive)