Bruce Loren and Michael Kean of Loren & Kean Law Attend IR Global East Coast Working Group Meeting in NYC

Bruce E. Loren
Apr 3, 2018

Bruce Loren and Michael Kean, co-chairs of the IR Global East Coast Working Group, organized and attended the group’s first meeting in NYC on April 23-24. IR Global is an international group of attorneys, accountants and finance professionals in the U.S and around the world who combine their professional skills to serve each other’s valued clients. Bruce and Michael were instrumental in helping to create the East Coast group which includes nearly 150 members from the East coast of the U.S. and Canada. The group’s recent meeting provided the opportunity for group members to learn about each other’s practice and to provide resources for clients in other jurisdictions and in other disciplines. Everyone agreed that the inaugural group meeting was a great social and learning experience.