Dedicated to our community.

Loren & Kean Law is proud to offer our services to citizens in need on a case-by-case basis.

Defending a Student's Right to a Quality Education

When a star student at one of the nation's top public high schools was improperly transferred to another high school that offered fewer educational opportunities, we represented the student and protected his rights. The student, who was a few credits shy of a coveted International Baccalaureate diploma and who planned to study genetics and microbiology in college, was sent -- without adequate due process -- from a Choice Program at an A-rated school to a D-rated school, which lacked the same challenging curriculum and opportunity for an IB diploma. After pointing out that the school had failed to follow its own policies, as well as other required procedures, we assisted the student in maintaining enrollment in the Choice Program. We were able to help the student without litigation and in time for the first day of school.

Construction Law Assistance to a Local Family

The firm provided pro-bono legal services to a local family who was sued by a supplier of materials because the supplier had not been paid by the builder, who had recently renovated the family's home. The supplier recorded a Claim of Lien on the home for the unpaid materials. By the time our firm was retained by the homeowners, the supplier had filed suit to foreclose the Claim of Lien and was seeking repayment of the lien amount from the family, even though the family had already paid the builder for those materials.

The firm, arguing that there were technical defects in the lien, was successful in negotiating the amount owed to a much lower amount that the family could afford, all in exchange for a Satisfaction of Lien and full release. In addition, the firm was able to persuade the builder to contribute to the settlement sum, even though the builder was no longer doing business. A very successful result.

Defending a Charitable Trust

When a local, religious-based men's shelter could not afford to hire a lawyer to protect its right to a substantial gift in trust, the firm volunteered to assist the charity on a pro-bono basis. A deceased member of the charity had left a substantial gift to the charity, but the member's son objected to the gift and filed a lawsuit to prevent the gift to the charity. The lawsuit had already been pending for some time and the charity did not have the expertise to understand the process, and most importantly, to protect its right to the gift. The firm, while donating over one hundred hours of time, was successful in having the trust declared valid and enforceable and ensuring that the charity would receive the gift that was intended. The charity has made great plans to use the gift for a new residential building, giving countless opportunities to local Palm Beach County residents in need.