Bruce E. Loren, Allen J. Heffner and Kyle W. Ohlenschlaeger
Nov 21, 2023

Loren & Kean Law secured resounding victories for their clients this past month.


First, in an appellate case that centered around a tenant’s claim to possession of real property, Allen Heffner with Bruce Loren, successfully represented a landlord in an appeal by the tenant of the trial court’s order granting summary judgment of eviction. Mr. Heffner’s arguments demonstrated the soundness and correctness of the trial court’s judgment and the tenuous defenses raised by the tenant, resulting in a complete win for the client.


His ability to articulate a compelling case, coupled with a deep understanding of the intricacies surrounding real property disputes, showcased the firm’s commitment to achieving the best possible results for their clients. The appellate victory not only affirmed the trial court’s decision but also granted the client entitlement to attorneys’ fees and costs incurred throughout the appeal process.


The firm also secured a victory in a construction arbitration involving non-conforming products. The arbitration began years ago and, after the dispute nearly went to hearing, Bruce Loren negotiated a partial settlement where the fabricator of the product agreed to attempt to resolve certain issues to allow the construction project to pass the building code. Unfortunately, the fabricator was unable to do so but, incredulously, asserted that it had complied with the settlement agreement. Then, Kyle Ohlenschlaeger, led a final arbitration proceeding as to the dispute of the fabricator’s failure to comply with the settlement, and our client’s resulting damages.


While the fabricator attempted to complicate and confuse the proceedings, Mr. Ohlenschlaeger’s ability to simplify the issues for the arbitrator and present the facts in a logical and persuasive manner, resulted in an award of significant damages to our client. In addition, Mr. Ohlenschlaeger was able to secure an award of almost 100% of the attorney’s fees, costs and expert witness fees that the firm’s client incurred in connection with the dispute. Loren & Kean law is always cognizant of the ability to recover fees and the impact that has on any lawsuit or arbitration, and is pleased that it was able to deliver a recovery for its client while appropriately preserving the client’s resources.


These recent triumphs add more feathers to Loren & Kean Law’s cap. Clients seeking steadfast, results-driven representation can continue to place their trust in the capable hands of Loren & Kean Law, where success is not just a goal but a consistent reality.


Bruce Loren, Allen Heffner, and Kyle Ohlenschlaeger of the Loren & Kean Law Firm are based in Palm Beach Gardens and Fort Lauderdale. For over 25 years, Mr. Loren has focused his practice on construction law and factoring law.  Mr. Loren and Mr. Ohlenschlaeger have achieved the title of “Certified in Construction Law” by the Florida Bar.