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Importance of Job Descriptions
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Why Should A Contractor Enforce Its Right To Lien For Its Work?
Construction Change Orders Best Practices Part 1

Preserving Claims for Money and Time

By Kyle W. Ohlenschlaeger | Mar 30, 2022

The risks to contractors and subcontractors on construction projects have increased exponentially in recent years, and we don’t see them slowing down with the rising costs of construction. Contractors are being forced to agree to extremely abbreviated project schedules and higher liquidated damages penalties than ever before. Combined with supply-chain disruptions and material shortages this

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Why Factors Should Continue Due Diligence on Their Client After Filing Their Financing Statement

By Allen J. Heffner | Mar 28, 2022

One of a Factor’s main protections is its blanket security interest in all the Client’s assets, including the Client’s receivables. The security interest gives the Factor some level of protection that it will be able to be made whole in the event things go sideways. The security interest is most often provided for in standard

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