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As a contractor, how can I protect my rights to be paid on time?
Meet Kyle Ohlenschlaeger, an Associate at Loren & Kean Law.

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Important Insurance Endorsement News for General Contractors and Subcontractors

A relatively recent endorsement is becoming more and more prevalent in the construction industry, an... Read More

A Jurisdictional Guide of how to Manage Risk in Multinationals

IR Global - Going Beyond Expectations IR Global members collaborate with the Association of Corporat... Read More

Preserving Claims for Money and Time

The risks to contractors and subcontractors on construction projects have increased exponentially in... Read More

Why Factors Should Continue Due Diligence on Their Client After Filing Their Financing Statement

One of a Factor’s main protections is its blanket security interest in all the Client’s assets, incl... Read More

Michael Kean, partner at Loren & Kean Law, interviewed by The Daytona Beach News-Journal about his prominent client, Palm Coast Data.

Palm Coast Data, once one of the city’s largest employers, is being forced to lay off 80-100 workers... Read More

Michael Kean, partner at Loren & Kean Law, interviewed regarding representation of Palm Coast Data in high profile Commercial Eviction Lawsuit.

Palm Coast Data, one of the city’s largest employers, is currently embroiled in a high stakes high p... Read More