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Construction Change Orders Best Practices Part 2
Construction Change Orders Best Practices Part 3
As an owner, how can I protect myself as the constuction work progresses?
As a contractor, how do I protect my right to lien for the work I performed?

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Cross-Default Provisions in Construction Contracts

Contractors commonly enter into subcontracts with the same party concerning numerous, separate proje... Read More

Accepting a Reduced Final Payment – The Project Close-out Change Order

Waiting to get your retainage payout is an unfortunate reality for many subcontractors. Whether it i... Read More

New Florida Laws affecting Contractors

On May 26, 2022, Senate Bill 2D (“S.B. 2D”) and Senate Bill 4D (“S.B. 4D”) became law. The stated pu... Read More

The Statute of Limitations and Construction Litigation

In Florida, the law requires lawsuits to be filed within certain time periods. The time period depen... Read More

OSHA Cracking Down on Heat Illness Prevention

OSHA is planning on doubling its heat-related inspections during a three-year program that went into... Read More

Case Studies on Recent Factoring Litigation

Factoring clients always ask us what they could have done differently to avoid lawsuits with their C... Read More