About Us

We understand that litigation is often not the preferred course of action. Lawsuits can be time consuming and expensive. That is why we do things differently at Loren & Kean Law. Our process centers around honest communication, straight-forward analysis, aggressive advocacy, and efficiency. Unlike other law firms, we do not hesitate to advise our clients that our services may not be necessary. The goal is always to resolve the client's needs as quickly as possible, with a pragmatic and business-minded solution.

Community Outreach

Loren & Kean Law is proud to be involved in the community through our pro-bono program and non-profit work. Our lawyers make a positive impact throughout South Florida by providing legal advice and representation to those in need, and supporting local charitable organizations.



We prioritize client communication from the start, timely responding to phone calls and e-mails, always keeping you up to date, and involving you in all substantive decision making.


Our attorneys approach each case with intensity and precision, aggressively advocating to secure you a favorable resolution. Clients and others know us to be bluntly honest. When we say something, it is accurate, and we follow through on our promises.



We take great pride in our craft and always strive to produce impeccable work. Our attorneys dissect each issue to develop precise strategies, placing you in the strongest possible position to secure an acceptable resolution.

& Efficient

We constantly look for the efficient, business-like solution to a problem, rather than involvement in the costly and often unpredictable litigation process.